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Achille Cifelli


Our President

   Archie T. Cifelli

Resident of Val-des-Brises since 1996, Archie T. Cifelli not only attaches a great importance to family values, but he is a proud father of three children and will soon be celebration 25 years of matrimony.

Actively involved in his community, Archie has been one of the key organizer and is also the president of Fête de Quartier Val-des-Brises. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of the Kloda Focus Group and has been at the helm for over 20 years. Kloda Focus Group is a company specializing in turn key event productions in audio, lighting and audio-visual equipment. Archie is also president of the board of directors; Television Regionale de Laval / TVRL 09 

Member of the Board of Directors; Sir Wilfred Laurier Foundation,​ Don Bosco Youth Leadership Centre, Associazione di Pettoranello di Molise, member of Laval Chamber of Commerce and helped organize the Société Alzheimer Fête du quartier Saint Bruno.

Our Beliefs

​We also believe that the residents of Val-des-Arbres (Val-des-Brises) are being

miss-represented by our elected counsellor for not being actively involved

with in our community.

Val-des-Arbres (Val-des-Brises) has seen very little progression toward 

new community developments and we believe that we can make a change in for the better!